Thursday, April 6, 2023

Xiaomi 11T Pro The system has been destroyed

Xiaomi 11T Pro The system has been destroyed this we can solve please see tutorial how to solve the system has been destroyed
Flashing Tool :-

Flashing File :-

How to Solve The System Has Been Destroyed Problem :-
  1. Download Flash Tool (Xiaomi Fire Tool)
  2. Extract Flash Tool using WinRAR Software
  3. Download Flash File
  4. Extract Flash File using WinRAR Software
  5. Disassemble device and short test points then connect to PC
  6. Open Xiaomi fire tool and login then refresh port then select flash file then click flash button
  7. After flash file loading comes one popup window, In popup Window select Agree send Auth Request
  8. After Flash Done disconnect device and setup device

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